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Mainland Greece

Mainland Greece is the Southern tip of the Balkan Peninsula and the Southern frontier of the European Continent.

The Greek Peninsula consists of mainland Greece Attica (Athens), Peloponese, Central Greece, Thessaly, Epirus, Macendonia (Northern Greece), Thrace and the Islands.

TSA Permitted and Prohibited Items List

The TSA has recently made changes that allow for passengers to carry-on small amounts toiletries under certain conditions. To comply with the new rules, each of your toiletries must be 3oz or less (most drug stores have a section that features these smaller travel sizes) and you must place all the toiletries in a single quart-size zip-top bag. You must remove this zip-top bag from your carry-on for screening at the security checkpoint. Read more about the new TSA Carry-on Rules. When traveling in the USA, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) enforces rules on what type of items can be carried aboard your flight in your carry-on bags, as well as what can be packed in your checked baggage. The following lists details which items are allowed and which are prohibited.

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Central America Spanish language schools

Ixbalanque Spanish School in Copan Honduras is a Central America Spanish language school offering an immersion experience in Central American culture, Spanish classes, and volunteer opportunities.

Queen of Galapagos Luxury Class Catamaran

Watch a  short 6 min Video of the Queen of Galapagos Luxury Class Catamaran

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