Japan Airlines

Check-in pointers

Japan Airlines encourages passengers to arrive at least three hours before departure for international flights. Passengers should become familiar with general security procedures.


Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, Japan

Frequent-flier program

Through the JAL Mileage Bank (JMB), passengers earn miles toward upgrades and free flights when traveling on all Japan Airlines (including Japan Asian Airways, JAL ways, Japan TransOcean Air, JAL EXPRESS, and J-AIR), Ryukyu Air Commuter, Japan Air Commuter, Hokkaido Air Commuter, American Airlines, Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates Airlines, LAN Airlines and Dragonair.

Airport club or lounge

Japan Airlines offers lounges at nearly every airport it serves in Japan, Europe, North America South America. Lounge access is determined either by passenger class or JMB membership status.

The Sakura Lounge Annex, on the fourth floor of Narita Airport Terminal 2, features a pub, beds, massage services, broadband wireless access and a theater-style audio-visual lounge.

Carry-on policy

One carry-on item is allowed and should not exceed 45 in (115 cm) in total linear dimensions and should weigh no more than 22 lbs. (10 kg). Small personal items, such as a handbag or camera, do not count toward this limit.

In-flight meal options

The following special meals are available on Japan Airlines with at least 72 hours notice: vegetarian (non-egg, non-dairy), vegetarian (with eggs and dairy), Asian-vegetarian, vegetable vegetarian, diabetic, low-cholesterol/low fat, low-calorie, low-protein, low-purine, low-salt, no-salt, high-fiber, no-gluten, ulcer/soft foods, no-lactose, seafood, Hindu, Muslim, kosher, and others available on request.

Unaccompanied children

Japan Airlines accepts unaccompanied children ages 5-12 on nonstop flights. A parent or guardian must make sure they have filled out the proper forms and accompany the child to/from the gate.


Passengers can bring dogs, cats or household birds aboard Japan Airlines, but they must be clean, odor-free and in good health. Two excess baggage charges will be applied for one pet crate for travel between the U.S. and Japan. There is no charge for guide dogs.

Pets also meet required government regulation in the countries of departure, transit and destination. They are allowed in the cabin and as checked baggage according to certain guidelines.

Cool or useful amenities

JAL offers high-speed internet service on its New York-Tokyo route for a fixed rate of $29.95, or $9.95 for the first 30 minutes and 25 cents per minute thereafter.

The "Magic" system, available on all classes, offers personal TV, music and games for passengers. The system offers 12 channels of movies and videos, 8-10 games, and 18 channels of audio entertainment.

The airline also offers cell phone rentals and a baggage-delivery service.

Executive Class offers Shell Flat seats that recline fully for sleeping; available between New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tokyo.