Check-in pointers

Lufthansa generally recommends that passengers arrive two hours before departure for trans-Atlantic flights. The airline also provides specific check-in deadlines for airports it serves.

The minimum connecting time at Frankfurt Airport is 60 minutes for flights departing for the U.S. and 45 minutes for flights departing from Munich to the U.S.

Check-in alternatives

Due to tightened security, curbside check-in is not available for flights to and from the United States.

Automated Quick Check-in kiosks are available at many European airports that Lufthansa serves. It also offers night-before check-in at 12 German airports.

First and Business Class passengers may conveniently check in from anywhere in Europe by phone or fax.


Frankfurt and Munich, Germany

Frequent-flier program

Members of Lufthansa Miles & More can earn credit toward free flights and upgrades, as well as unusual rewards such as a day at BMW's driving school and a session in Lufthansa's flight simulator in Germany. Miles can be earned on Lufthansa and Star Alliance carriers, as well as other airline partners. Call 800-581-6400 for more information.

Airport club/lounge

Access to Lufthansa's airport lounges is available to first-class passengers and Lufthansa Senator Card holders. Members living outside of Germany earn Senator status with 100,000 status miles or 30 business-class round-trips (60 in economy class) over the past calendar year on Lufthansa or other Star Alliance partners.

Carry-on policy

Only one piece of carry-on luggage (maximum size 22 x 16 x 8 inches and 18 pounds) will be allowed. Two pieces of luggage may be checked, each weighing 70 pounds or less.

In-flight meal options

Lufthansa offers an extensive selection of alternative meals, including vegetarian, diabetic, low-carb, low-cholesterol, gluten-free, kosher, Muslim and children's. Requests for special meals must be made 24 hours before a flight. Requests regarding food allergies should be made 72 hours in advance.

Unaccompanied children

Children ages 5-11 who are traveling alone are eligible to be accompanied by Lufthansa personnel for a service fee. The carrier must have the name, address and phone number of the adult taking the child to the airport and the adult who is picking up the child. Special check-in counters are available at Frankfurt (Terminal A, counter 282-283), Munich (all counters) and Hamburg (Terminal A).


Dogs and cats under 18 pounds may travel in the passenger cabin with the traveler; fees vary. The pet must have had all required shots within the last year but outside of 30 days of departure. Documentation from a veterinarian is required. Check the destination for further health requirements for traveling pets. Special transport conditions apply for certain dog races.

Pet transport must be requested in advance, and space is limited. Kennel dimensions are required to request space on a Lufthansa flight.

Cool/useful amenities

Sketchbooks, colored pencils,  games, Lu Shoulder bags and glove puppets, matchbox cars, puzzles, card games and souvenirs with Lu themes to collect are offered for children. If you inform the staff you'll be traveling with an infant, special baby food will be waiting.

First and Business Class seats are equipped with laptop connections that do not require an adapter -- they are suitable for both two-pin Euro flat plugs as well as two- or three-pin US plugs.

Lufthansa offers FlyNet®. For a fee, obtain high-speed wireless Internet access that allows for surfing the Web or sending and receiving e-mail with attachments.