Singapore Airlines

Check-in pointers

Customers traveling from the United States are advised to check in at least three hours before departure. Passengers traveling from Singapore should check in two hours before departure. General security measures also apply.

At Singapore Changi Airport, all check-in baggage is being physically opened and inspected. Passengers who connect with U.S.-bound flights at Changi are required to go through the same check-in procedure and physical baggage check.

Check-in counters close 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Electronic ticketing is still available for flights to and from the United States, but customers are required to print their electronic ticket receipt, as they may need to show Immigration officials proof of purchase.

Check-in alternatives

Singapore Airlines offers many check-in alternatives including early check-in for passengers with reservations, express check-in, downtown check-in at Paragon, Internet check-in, return check-in for flights returning within 48 hours, phone/fax check-in, and member check-in at its Silver Kris Lounge.


Singapore Changi International Airport

Frequent-flier program

Members of the KrisFlyer program earn points toward free flights and higher levels of membership such as the PPS Club. Higher levels provide benefits such as priority check-in and use of lounges.

Miles may be earned on flights with other Star Alliance carriers, as well as with Delta Air Lines, Emirates, SilkAir and Virgin Atlantic.

Airport club/lounge

Silver Kris Lounges are available for high-level KrisFlyer members.

High-level PPS Club members can access more than 500 Star Alliance Gold and other lounges throughout the world.

Carry-on limits

Economy Class passengers are allowed one carry-on item that must not exceed 15 pounds (7 kg) or 45 inches (115 cm) total linear dimensions.

First Class and Raffles Class passengers can carry on two bags to destinations excluding the United States.

In-flight meal options

Special meals tailored to religious and health needs are available -- including  Muslim, vegetarian or diabetic meals. Passengers must place the order at least 24 hours before flight departure.


Pets are not allowed in the passenger cabin on Singapore Airlines, but they can travel in the air-conditioned cargo area -- as long as they are placed in a suitable container and have the proper health, vaccination documentations and entry permits. Advance arrangements are required.

Unaccompanied children

Children ages 5-12 traveling alone are considered "Unaccompanied Minors" and those ages 13-16 are "Young Passengers." Parents are required to inform the airline of the passenger's age when booking the reservation. Fees may apply.

Cool/useful amenities

Business-class fliers on long-haul flights get SpaceBeds that can be lowered into a nearly flat sleeping mode. First class offers SkySuites, complete with a down-filled mattress, duvet and Givenchy-designed pajamas.

Singapore Airlines' Book the Cook service allows passengers to select their main course from a menu when they book their flight or at least 24 hours before departure.

On overnight flights exceeding four and a half hours and day flights exceeding eight hours, Economy Class passengers receive amenity kits with a toothbrush set and knitted socks. Toiletries (cologne, after-shave lotion and hand lotion) are available in bathrooms; combs and disposable razor sets are available upon request.

Singapore Airlines' KrisWorld entertainment system gives passengers access to dozens of movies, CDs and Nintendo games.