Dulles is 25 miles west of Washington.

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  • Passenger pick-up: Those waiting to pick up travelers can use the Cell Phone Waiting Area for one hour. It's located at the intersection of Rudder Road and Autopilot Drive. You can call 703-572-6240 to check the status of arriving flights.


Up to 20 minutes free: There is no charge for vehicles exiting within 20 minutes of entry in hourly, daily and economy parking.

Cheapest: The Blue, Green, Gold and Purple economy parking lots along Rudder Road cost $3 an hour and $9 daily. A shuttle to the terminals runs 24/7.

Most convenient: Use the hourly parking lot ($4 an hour, $36 daily) across from the main terminal for meeting or dropping off passengers. Daily parking in garages 1 and 2 is $5 an hour and $15 daily.

Valet parking: $30 for the first day and $17 each additional day. Located in the hourly parking lot.

Parking for people with disabilities: Handicapped-accessible parking is provided in the hourly lot, the daily parking garages on the first level, and at the economy parking lots in spaces adjacent to the shuttle bus stops. Bus service to the Main Terminal is available by calling (703) 572-4500.

Payment: Parking facilities at Dulles use Pay and Go, an automated system designed for quick and easy exiting. PAY & GO machines are located in the lower level of the Terminal near the East and West exit doors and on the pedestrian bridge of Garage 2, which connects the garage to the terminal. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club are accepted.

Parking availability: on the Web; by phone (703) 572-4500; or on the radio at 530 AM.


Bus/train: The Washington Flyer bus service ($9 one way, $16 round trip) connects to the West Falls Church