City: Buenos Aires

Departure from the hotel towards San Telmo neighborhood where this traditional tango space of Buenos Aires is located. The original building, where the show takes place, was built in the last years of the 18th, in pure Colonial style, and was used as a campaign store for 40 years.
It became afterwards a hospital, then the seat of the National Customs and finally in 1969, after surviving surprisingly from the modernizing trends that flogged the city through the different periods of its history, Edmundo Rivero turned it into the temple of tango that it is nowadays. It has always been the greatest celebritiesïs choice for their performances: Aníbal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese, Alfredo de Angelis, Raúl Lavie and the Sexteto Mayor among others. Today, the spirit of these great personalities of tango and some of the best exponent of the present days, gather to offer an exceptional traditional show. Dinner will take place in a separated room, opposite to the historic corner. Once the show

Duration: dinner 1 h + show 2 hs + trf in/out = 4 hs

Departures: daily