City: Buenos Aires

Depart from the hotel towards Cardales to visit Estancia Santa Susana, 90 km away from Buenos Aires. Estancia Santa Susana, has belonged to the Rossiter family since 1860. Its 1200 hectares are devoted mainly to agriculture also to cattle and horse breeding. A couple of years ago the 'estancia' began welcoming visitors adapting its facilities to that purpose. It offers its Main House and some straw-roofed constructions where the dining-room, the 'pulpería' -a traditional general store which was a social gathering point for the gauchos at sunset-, and the grill are set.
Upon arrival a welcome drink with 'empanadas' (meat pastries) will be served at the 'pulpería'. Later, you will taste a typical Argentine barbecue (grilled beef, chicken, pork sausages, salads, dessert and coffee) at the dinning-room. As lunch is finished you will enjoy a folklore show with live music and dancing and a tango demonstration, followed by 'cuadreras' and ring races where gauchos show their skills as riders. For those willing to participate in the traditional activities there are horses and 'sulkies' (kind of two-wheeled chart) to go around in the ranch. Later on, a snack consisting in home-made pastries and 'mate' (typical green tea) will be served. Return to the hotel.

Duration: 8 hours