Florianopolis, capital of the state of Santa catarina, is located on the isalnd of Santa Catarina, less than a mile from the mainland. As well as having 42 veaches, the city is surrounded by montains, dunes and mangroves. The Azorean spirit, inherited from immigrants who settled the region 250 years ago, marks the island personality.

Florianopolis is a Brazilian mecca for outdoor sports such as hang gliding, climbing, hiking and most particulary surfing.

The beaches of the north have calm waters and good tourist facilities. The Jurerê, Canasvieiras and Ingleses became fashionable vacations spots for locals and Argentines. On the east, Conceição Lagoon and the beaches of Joaquina, Mole and Barra da Lagoa are the centers for young people and radical sports.

The southern and western parts have retained closer link with the past.The cattle farms, mills, stills and colonial residences conjure up the age of the settlers whom the Portuguese brought from Azonres in the 18th century to occupy land coveted by the Spanish crown.