Located 290 miles south of Salvador, Bahia, the town that Jorge Amado (Brazil's best-known novelist).

Ilhéus is a little tropical paradise, that offers countless options of tours of all kinds. It possesses almost hundred kilometers of beaches for all the tastes.

In the culture, the music is the principal highlight.

An example of that cultural wealth, is in the samba, that was born in Bahia, then being diffused to the rest of Brazil and the world.

The African culture still enriches more the exotism and the magic that Ilhéus exhibits with pride to the world. Here you find all things you desire: history, wonderful landscapes, beaches, music and rhythm, the spicy cookery, the religion - the Candomblé -, the sinuous and sensual dance, the clothes and turbans with differents colors, and the cheerful way and irreverency of its people, that enchanted you with unique hospitality.