Paraty , a beach colonial town classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1966, is has been used as the setting for several historical movies.
Located 150 miles southwest of Rio de Janeiro, with five streets running parallel to the ocean intersected by four streets cutting across then at right angles, the old center of Parati reflects the town's colonial past prosperity reflected in its beautiful old homes and churches.

Parati is also named " a paradise on earth" by many poets , referring to steep, jungled mountains that seem to leap into the sea, a scrambled shoreline with hundreds of islands and peninsulas, and the clear warm waters of the Baia da Ilha Grande, as calm as an empty aquarium. Perfect for diving and fishing.
Just stroll on the the " pes-de moleques" ( local name of the irregular cobblestone streets), enjoy the local and international cuisine and feel the beauties immortalized by artists as Djanira, Frank Sheaffer, Buchard, and many others.