Porto Alegre is the capital of the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil's most southern state, shares the border with Uruguay to the South and Argentina to the West. The wave of German, Italian, Swiss and Eastern European immigrants that arrived in the later half of 19th century added to the local Poruguese , Spanish and Guarani indians maked up the culture which is very distinguishing from other parts of Brazil.

Cultural rich and having a strong popular participation in the municipal decisions, Porto Alegre is a sophisticated metropolis with and exciting nightlife and an excellent gastronomy. The city is filled with Churrascaria Gaucha, the authentic way to prepare the " Brazilian BBQ".

As the seventh-largest city in Brazil, Porto Alegre is one of the greenest and better life quality metropolises of the country. Moreover, the unique sunset has a very special exuberance at the edge of Guaiba Lake.