São Paulo’s capital is a place full of surprises. Is faraway from the time when it was just called as the raining “Terrada Garoa”, the working, and concrete city. The capital is a another monumental place with tons of options for tourists, where there are some places you have to visit when you are there. The “Bela Vista” (Italian neighborhood), the “Liberdade” (Oriental neighborhood), and other commercial streets such as: March 25 (Arabian) and “José Paulino”. At these places you will have a good notion of the variety of immigrants that came to install their selves to help the development of the city even more.
The intense cultural life of São Paulo received a major boost during the 1920s when it hosted the Modern Art Week, the landmark for a movement to encourage renewal within Brazilian art. Nowadays, that dynamism is expressed in the capital's well-appointed museums, the range of options offered and a certain guarantee for artists that to achieve success in São Paulo signifies general acclaim. In the state of São Paulo, leisure is as varied as job opportunities, especially in the capital where there are many options to suit all tastes and budgets. There are a number of options ranging from exhibitions and open-air shows to museums with theatres putting on highly sophisticated performances. And as paulistas also have the right to enjoy life, their capital city has a range of restaurants running from the simple and delicious to establishments that equal the sophistication of the best anywhere in the world.