The world wide known Carioca Carnival has his high point at the parades at the Passarela do Samba known as the Sambódromo. Officially, Carnival is programmed to happen from Saturday to Holy Wednesday at mid day. The most important Carnival parade happens on Sunday and Monday, when the samba schools make their parade in one of the greatest shows in earth. The Carnival Balls are costume parties which start around 11 pm and goes all the way to 5 am or latter. The Street Parades are one of the most common aspects from this traditional party.
Ipanema bands such as Simpatia é Quase Amor, Carmem Miranda, Sovaco de Cobra between others makes Carnival a more democratic party that puts together the rich and the poor, the young and the old, visitors and local people. But Carnival is not an exclusive party from Rio de Janeiro, is celebrated all over Brazil. The Olinda Carnival is considered on of the most cheerful, where the rhythm that does enchant the city is the Frevo. At Salvador, an animated crowd follows the Trios Eletrcos, a truck where the singers are at the top with the band and they play their music and go all the way trough the city. And there’s no doubt that at this period of the year, that Brazil becomes more fascinating them ever