The largest and longest ship in the Costa fleet, the Costa Concordia is excellent for fitness and relaxation. The Fitness Area covers almost 20,450 square ft. with a swimming pool in the center. The gorgeous Samsara Suites have direct access to the spa.

Among some of the activities and amenities include: Roma Restaurant, Milano Restaurant, Parigi Restaurant Buffet, Samsara Restaurant, Club Concordia, Atene Theater.

Some of the dining options the Costa Concordia offers include: Salone Londra, Club Concordia, Caffetteria Helsinki, Barcellona Casino, Vienna Dance Lounge, Lisbona Disco, Atrium Europa - Europa Bar, Berlino Grand Bar, Classico Dublino Bar - cognac & cigar bar, Budapest Piano Bar, Sport Stoccolma Bar, Scuderia Costa Bar, Lido Riviera Magica Bar - Lido Mediterraneo Bar.

There is no shortage of entertainment options onboard the ship: 3 swimming pools, 1 children's pool, 5 Jacuzzi hydromassage baths, jogging track, sports courts, Samsara Spa, wellness center, Venus Beauty, fitness center/gym, Lido Solarium, Lido Mediterraneo,
Lido Squok, Lido Riviera Magica, Solarium.