In our Chinatown, artisans form Fortune Cookies by hand. In our Chinatown, artisans practice their craft in small alleys using techniques handed down for thousands of years. And in our Chinatown, the authentic cuisine will enliven your senses with new flavors, smells, and aromas.

We’ll search out authentic crafts and pottery, and explore exotic and unique Asian produce, herbs, and teas from the very people who know them best. We’ll uncover their hidden secrets only intrepid locals know. And you'll be astonished by the new finds in secret alcoves. Join our sojourn into the hidden Chinatown and you too will be amazed.

We'll spend about three hours eating some of the most incredible food that you have ever had during the tour, from teas to Chinese pastries, to all kinds of delicacies. And if that isn't enough, after all of that, you'll have the option of including a full meal at one our favorite restaurants in Chinatown.

The Culinary Tour of Chinatown offers you the choice of just taking the tour, or taking the tour and a meal at the Chinatown Restaurant which is available anytime during your trip!

Chinatown Restaurant is a unique experience even within the diversity of the area. It is the only restaurant to serve both traditional Chinese cuisine as well as Northern Chinese specialties. In addition, the building is a historic Chinatown landmark and worth a visit in itself.

The original restaurant at the site of the Chinatown Restaurant first opened its doors in 1919.

The owners have managed to preserve its original, traditional front, which has served as the background in many movies and television shows. Movie star Leonardo Dicaprio, Governor of California Gray Davis and many local and statewide politicians, has also visited the restaurant.

Chinatown Restaurant offers the finest in Chinese cuisine. Their Dim Sum selection is excitingly delicious, with a variety of choices. The combination of exotic seasoning and spices will surely bring to you a taste of delight.

Additional Info:
Tour is available daily at 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 6:00pm and lasts approximately 3 hours. It is not available on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Child rates apply between the ages of 3 and 11.

•  Guided walking tour of Chinatown
•  Tastings/samplings of various food and beverages, including beer or wine 
•  One complete meal with dessert and beverages—including beer or wine—at a neighborhood restaurant; menu is chef’s choice (if you select the tour and meal combo)
•  One complimentary beverage at the Café de la Press before the tour starts

•  Gratuity

As you'll be sampling food and beverages, as well as enjoying a full meal, it's suggested that you not eat much before taking the tour. All restaurants are non-smoking. Gratuities are optional.

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