We explore the life of North Beach, as we join family bakers kneading love into every loaf of bread. And just when you think that you can’t be in any more of food heaven, we visit real coffee shops fresh roasting coffee beans daily. And if that was not enough, we uncover authentic Italian cathedrals where hundreds of couples have felt their heartstrings tug.

Every time we find another artisan crafting food handed down through generations or weaving life into handmade crafts, you’ll know that you’ve experienced one of the places that makes the City a series of ever expanding adventures. And the optional meal, oh yes, the meal, of handmade pasta will bring your taste buds to a new level. It is often said, it is impossible to be bored or unromantic in San Francisco. And every one of our adventures through North Beach will make you believe it. We are going to try some of the best coffee, pastries, bread and other food on our approximately three-hour tour. And, if you include the full Italian meal that follows, with wine, desert and several courses, at a restaurant that's recently been rated as one of the best Italian restaurants in San Francisco, after every course, you’ll swear that the food was so incredible that nothing could be better, only to find out that the following dish tops it.

You are now able to take this tour without pruchasing the meal! If you do purchase the meal, you have the ability to choose when you eat.

The meal at Macaroni Scuie Scuie is available your entire length of the trip!

Named as the best Italian Restaurant in San Francisco by the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, it also includes the Purple Onion. The Purple Onion is the very place where everyone from Robin Williams, Maya Angelo, Phyllis Diller, Woody Allen, and Lenny Bruce got their start. Performers from Barbara Streisand and the Grateful Dead played there also. The owner has restored it to be exactly the same as it was in the 1950's and 1960's.

Additional Info:
Tour is available daily at 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 6:00pm and lasts approximately 3 hours. It is not available on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. Child rates apply between the ages of 3 and 11.

•  Guided walking tour of North Beach
•  Tastings/samplings of various food and beverages, including beer or wine 
•  One complete meal with dessert and beverages—including beer or wine—at a neighborhood restaurant; menu is chef’s choice 
•  Complimentary coffee drink before the morning tour starts or complimentary focaccia sandwich before the afternoon tour starts 

•  Gratuity

As you'll be sampling food and beverages, as well as enjoying a full meal, it's suggested that you not eat much before taking the tour. All restaurants are non-smoking. Gratuities are optional.

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