Pirate's Dinner Adventure is an energetic and adventurous, interactive dinner experience, captivating audiences of all ages. Set sail on the high seas on board a pirate ship for swashbuckling thrills, combined with the perfect blend of comedy romance action and adventure.

Enjoy breathtaking feats of aerial agility and spectacular musical talent as you dine on a Port of Call Feast. Pirate's Dinner Adventure is a bounty of hidden treasure waiting to be explored, truly making it the "Worlds Most Interactive Dinner Show!"

Additional Info:
Open daily from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Child rates apply to ages 3-12, children under three are free!

•  Port of Call Feast:
•  Pirate’s Maritime Museum 
•  Matey Bread - An old favorite of the shipmates. Delicious bread baked daily and served piping hot (or the cook gets keel-hauled).

•  Treasure’s Chicken - Tender portions of roasted chicken carefully marinated in a savory lemon-pepper sauce. A genuine treasure 
•  Buccaneer Beef - Swashbuckling cuts of tender beef cooked to perfection by our award-winning chefs to satisfy the meanest pirate on the high seas.
•  West Indies Rice - The taste of the Caribbean – special yellow rice sautéed in chicken broth and seasoned with select herbs and spices from the West Indies.
•  Walk-the-Plank Mixed Vegetables - deprived of fresh food when at sea, pirates love their vegetables. An assortment of mixed vegetables good enough to walk the plank for. 
•  Princess Anita’s Royal Dessert - A dessert fit for royalty – apple cobbler a la mode 
•  Caribbean Coffees - Served at the Buccaneer Bash, after the show.
•  Vegetarian and Captain Kid’s meal available. Captain kids menu includes chicken fingers. 
•  Beer, wine, and soft drinks served throughout the show. 

•  Gratuity

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