TobagoTobago is part of the twin island nation of Trinidad & Tobago and possesses an array of natural wonders and wildlife - including more than 425 different species of birds. The island is graced with mountain ranges, rivers, mangrove swamps, tropical savannahs, and a marine environment influenced by the Orinoco River.

Tourism in Tobago is booming.
It is serene with its swaying palms and fishing villages, sandy beaches and coral seas teeming with fish. The island moves at a more leisurely tempo than does Trinidad but with a similar kind of unspoiled scenery and uncrowded atmosphere.

In addition to the usual offerings of beaches and water sports, both islands have stretches of tropical rain forest and nature preserves. Seeing a scarlet ibis is a wonderful experience. So much variety makes Trinidad and Tobago a good choice for those who want to sample a lot of the Caribbean in a small space