Enjoy a leisurely visit to Historic Frankfort. This modern community has retained the history and charm of early America. Founded in 1855, Frankforts rich heritage continues to be evident throughout the Village. From its historic downtown district to the Prairie-style architecture of many buildings, heritage has been carefully preserved. Upon arrival, you will be greeted for a 10 minute narration. Browse through specialty, art shops and historical society museum. The Trolley Barn and Breiderts Green are just two interesting locations in Frankfort.
The 1840s brought German settlers from the Pennsylvania area to Frankfort. Frankfort township was named by Frederick Cappel after his native city, Frankfurt-Am-Main in Germany. Built in 1885, the Trolley Barn once housed trolleys on the old Joliet and Northern Indiana Trolley Line. Numerous other rail lines passed through Frankfort, which was known at that time as a "stop on your way West." Today, Frankfort is thriving and has become known as the "Jewel of the South Suburbs."


  • Lunch at Marmees Kitchen Tea Included
  • Transportation Included

  • Duration: 7 HOURS