AeroMexico Airline Information
Check-in pointers

For flights originating in the United States, arrive at the airport two hours before departure.

On international flights originating from Mexico, passengers with a pre-assigned seat and with luggage must arrive at check-in at least 30 minutes before takeoff. If there's no pre-assigned seat, allow two hours.


Mexico City: General Ignacio L. Pesqueira International Airport

Frequent-flier program

Members of the Club Premier Miles program can earn miles toward free flights with trips on Aeromexico as well as the following carriers in the SkyTeam alliance: Alitalia, Air France, Continental Airlines, Czech Airlines, Delta, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air and Northwest Airlines.

Members can also earn points from Mexicana Airlines, Aeromar, Aerolitoral, and many major hotel chains and car rental companies.

Members can issue Club Premier flight tickets to any person the member chooses, can use the ticket for travel on any day of the year, and can use it toward flights with connections within 24 hours.

Depending on the Club Premier level, some travelers can request an upgrade to Class Premier (first class). Club Premier miles expire 36 months after accrued.

Airport club or lounge

The Premier Card grants members access to the Delta Air Lines Crown Room Network, which features more than 40 VIP lounges in the main American airports, as well as Shared International Lounges in Houston, Lima, Madrid, Miami and Paris.

Carry-on policy

Carry-on luggage is limited to one personal item (purse, briefcase, laptop, vanity case or backpack) and one additional piece with total dimensions of no more than 45 inches (115 cm).

In-flight meal options

In addition to regular meals, Kosher, low salt, diabetic, low-cholesterol and vegetarian meals are available.

Unaccompanied children

Children ages 5-17 are eligible for supervision by airline personnel.


Dogs, cats and birds are accepted in cargo only as checked luggage at a cost of $35 for flights within Mexico, $50 for international flights.