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Central America Spanish language schools
By Dan Travel
Published on 11/14/2007
Ixbalanque Spanish School in Copan Honduras is a Central America Spanish language school offering an immersion experience in Central American culture, Spanish classes, and volunteer opportunities.

Central America Spanish language schools

Whether you are a tourist visiting Central America, or a businessperson who wants to improve your Spanish skills, you can trust Ixbalanque to deliver the highest quality of instruction available. The experienced, professional teachers are second to none in their commitment to enhancing your Spanish skills.

The roomy, attractive campus can accommodate up to 30 students at a time, and is located right in the heart of downtown Copán Ruinas.

Just half a mile away is the famous Mayan ruin of Copán, renowned for its monumental archeological structures and sculptures.

Experience the rich historical legacy of the ruins, which marvelously express the high stage of development reached by Mayan empire, 700 years before the arrival of the Spaniards.

The teaching philosophy is thoroughly modern and effective: full interactive immersion from the moment you enter our building. Your creative participation is the key to learning --and mastering-- the Spanish language. Upon arrival you'll take a brief entrance exam to determine exactly what areas you need to improve. Typically provide one teacher for each student, ensuring that your unique developmental needs will be met. They will occasionally increase the number of students per class for specific high school or university groups, where the students share the same levels of ability.

The daily schedule consists of 4 hours of class, with a brief break in the middle of each session, for a total of 20 hours of classtime each week. The school strongly emphasize practicing -individually, or in small groups- the Spanish words and grammar learned that day. Whether your class takes place in a classroom, or on our flowered patio, or out on the streets of Copán Ruinas, our goal is to get you speaking Spanish.

Some classes will discuss various aspects of Latin American culture and society, so that you're learning the language in the context of its culture. At other times we'll organize your class around themes or subjects you personally find interesting.


The expert staff is specialized in drawing upon diverse teaching resources and tools to achieve the full participation - and maximum improvement - of the students.

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