All Nippon Airways

Check-in pointers

Check-in for international flights should be completed one hour before the scheduled departure. Check-in for domestic flights should be completed 30 minutes before departure.

Electronic kiosks are available for check-in at nearly every airport All Nippon serves.


  • Tokyo: Tokyo Narita Airport and Tokyo Haneda Airport
  • Osaka: Itami International Airport and Kansai International Airport

Frequent-flier program

ANA Mileage Club members earn miles when flying with Star Alliance partners and from a variety of hotels, retailers and rental car agencies. The miles can be used toward airline tickets and flight upgrades with ANA and other Star Alliance carriers.

Airport Club or Lounge

ANA Mileage Club Platinum and ANA Super Flyers Card members are automatically considered Star Alliance Gold Members and can use any lounge facilities of Star Alliance members. First-class international passengers of ANA are also allowed access to alliance member lounges.

Carry-on policy

One carry-on item is allowed.

It cannot exceed 45 inches (115 centimeters) in total linear dimensions or 22 pounds (10 kilograms).

In-flight meal options

ANA offers a variety of special meals, including food for young children and Hindu, Muslim, kosher, Indian, non-dairy, diabetic and low-sodium options. Call (800) 235-9262 at least 24 hours in advance.

Unaccompanied children

Children ages 5-11 may travel alone. A parent or parent-approved guardian must escort the child at the departure airport, and another must greet the child upon arrival.

An unaccompanied child form (issued with the ticket) must be submitted at the check-in counter.


Only dogs assisting disabled travelers are allowed in the cabin. Animals can be transported as checked baggage. Travelers flying to Japan must notify the country's Animal Quarantine Service at least 40 days prior to arrival.

Cool or useful amenities

All full-fare, outbound ANA passengers flying international routes receive free sky porter service. Call ahead to arrange a baggage pick-up, and ANA handles the rest. Limit one 65-pound (30-kilogram) bag per person

Passengers flying round trip to Japan on First Class, CLUB ANA, Economy and "Round-the-World" fares get free cell-phone rental (not including calling costs). Sign up at least two days before your flight.