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The Community Baboon Sanctuary, located on the banks of the Olde Belize River, is located 30 miles west of Belize City off the Northern Highway. Consisting of some 18 square miles of subsistence farms, the sanctuary exhibits the spirit of coexistence that Belizeans have with nature. Though a grassroots effort, the villagers and landowners have committed to preserving the habitat necessary to ensure a healthy population of Black Howler Monkeys - Baboons in Belize.

An ingenious set of rope walks help to maintain a continuous route of travel throughout their traditional feeding area. A Visitor’s Center is located on the edge of the village, where guests are briefed and then guided through forest trails to watch the "Baboons" in their natural habitat.


  • See Belize Baboons (Howler Monkeys) in their Natural Habitat

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    A combination of river and ruins, this is one of the most interesting tours in Belize. After an hour’s drive up the Northern Highway, you board a riverboat at Tower Hill and head up the New River. While traversing the many little creeks and lagoons, it is easy to encounter a large diversity of flora and fauna, including hawks, kites and falcons. You may also see dainty Jacanas lightly walking on the lily pads while the crocodiles bask in the morning sunlight. At the entrance to the New River Lagoon, the ruins of Lamanai (Maya for “Submerged Crocodile”) rise into view. While touring this site, huge masks depicting dead rulers and gods seem to materialize out of the rainforest amid the chatter of birdlife and the haunting call of the Howler Monkeys. Your guide will point out the Copal and Ramon trees, which were of great importance in ancient times.

    The collection of ceramics gathered from the site is one of the most interesting to be found anywhere in the Mundo Maya. A good picnic lunch will be offered before moving around the site where your guide will explain how each temple and plaza fitted into the larger picture, and how Lamanai was such an important centre to the Maya in the region.

    After a climbing a temple and your return trip down the river, you will be able to relax and enjoy the comfortable drive back to Belize City.


  • Mayan Ruins
  • Journey by Boat
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Howler Monkeys

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    Your adventure begins as you head for the wildlife habitat known as The Belize Zoo. The zoo was created as a sanctuary for the country’s indigenous species and is now home for an impressive array of large cats, primates, reptiles and birds. A visit to the zoo gives you the opportunity to see Belize’s amazing wildlife in one location. The adventure continues with a scenic drive up the Western Highway to the Cayo (pronounced Ky-o) District.

    After Lunch, the tour continues west to the village of San Jose Succotz. Here, Xunantunich (Maya for “Maiden of the Rock”) sits just inside the Western border of Belize. Before reaching the entrance of this ancient city, your party will board a 19th century hand-cranked ferry which takes you across the Mopan River. The ruins are actually located on one of the highest plateaus in the area and it is possible to climb to the top of “El Castillo”, the largest of the temples at this site. From this vantage point, one gains a panoramic view of the Cayo District and nearby Guatemala.


  • See Indigenous Species at the Belize Zoo
  • Mayan Site of Xunantunich
  • Stunning View from El Castillo

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    Belize boasts one of the most extensive cave systems in Central America, which the ancient Mayans utilized for shelter and ceremonial purposes. Here is an opportunity to experience this fascinating underworld in a unique and fun way.

    A transfer from Belize City on the Western Highway brings you to the Caves Branch River and its winding path through the Maya Mountains. On arrival at Jaguar Paw, be prepared for a 45-minute jungle trail hike. Your guide will point out various plants, roots, and herbs once used by the ancient Maya. The entrance tunnel that heads into the underground cave system is the start of an “eye opening” adventure. Your guide hands out flash lights, and you are ready to float in inflated inner tubes assisted by gentle currents taking you through the cave system. Intricate crystalline formations line the caves and stalagmites and stalactites add to the serene opulence of nature.

    Come dressed in bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes or water shoes. A change of clothes, shoes and a towel is recommended. Dine on a freshly prepared local lunch of Rice and Beans and Stewed Chicken, a Belizean specialty.

    This is a great day out... The stuff after-dinner stories are made of!

    Pick up service is available at all Belize City hotels.


  • Guided Tour Through Forest, Caves and Caverns

  • Duration: 7 HOURS


    Belize City today remains the commercial capital of the country. In addition to other historic buildings, you will see the Supreme Court buildings, flanked by cannons used in the “Battle of St. George’s Caye” in 1798.

    Then drive 40 minutes up the Western Highway to Belize’s wonderful natural wildlife habitat, the Belize Zoo, which gives you the unique opportunity of viewing Belize’s prolific wildlife in one location. Only indigenous species are housed at the Zoo, all of which have been either rescued or donated from owners who could not take care of the animals properly. The "guests" are housed in large compounds containing what would be their natural habitat. Birds, cats, crocodiles, monkeys...The list seems endless! This is a great opportunity to view and photograph the inhabitants of the rainforest not easily seen in the wild.

    Pick up service is available at all Belize City hotels.


  • Indigenous Species of Animals in Their Natural Habitat

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    This fascinating half-day tour will focus on the contrast between the ancient Maya city of Altun Ha and modern day Belize City. Belize City today is home to about 35% of the country’s population and your guide will provide an interesting reflection of the city’s history. Note the colonial wooden architecture of many of the houses throughout your tour.

    Located 35 miles from Belize City on the Old Northern Highway, Altun Ha ("Rock Stone Water") thrived as a trading post to the Maya World during the Post Classic and Classic periods. It was here that Dr. Pendergrast uncovered what is considered to be perhaps the most precious of all Mayan artifacts and the largest piece of carved Jade in the Maya World -- the Jade Head representing Kinich Ahau, the Sun God.

    Altun Ha is easily accessible, and not a difficult walk. For those filling time before departing the country, a trip to this site is often made with a drop off at the International Airport.

    Pick up service is available at all Belize City hotels.


  • Altun Ha
  • Drive Around City Tour

  • Duration: 4 HOURS

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