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Costa Rica

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Costa Rica

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Come with us and enjoy a trip to Costa Rica past where you will enjoy a typical dinner with a spectacle of dances and folkloric traditions in one of the mountains that surround San Jose. You’ll admire the beautiful central valley with the cities of Heredia, Alajuela and San Jose, including the flavor that distinguishes the "ticos." Dont miss this unforgettable night!

Includes: Transportation, dinner and show.

Bring: Casual clothing, comfortable shoes, light jacket and camera.


  • Dinner and Show

  • Duration: 3 HOURS


    In this excursion you have the opportunity to be in one of the most popular rivers for this sport, the Pacuare River.

    The Pacuare River, is one of the five most important rivers of the world by its landscapes and fast rapids. In this tropical river the trip is pure magic. Located in the Caribbean of Costa Rica, the Pacuare River confines the Mountain of Talamanca, the home to the native Indians of Cabecar and an immense variety of flora and fauna.

    Once in the river you will go 16 miles on the Heart of the rain forest, observing cascades, birds and diversity of Flora.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, breakfast, and lunch and security equipment
    Bring: Light clothing, extra clothing, bathing suit, towel, sport sandals


  • White Water Rafting
  • Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Transportation and Guide

  • Duration: 7 HOURS
    On this excursion you have the opportunity to sail on one of the most popular rivers of the country for the practice of this adventure sport. The Savegre River provides plenty of adventure and enjoyment both for novices and for experts who can enjoy at the same time the captivation of the tropical forest’s flora and fauna.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, breakfast, lunch and security equipment
    Bring: Light clothing, bathing suit, towel, comfortable shoes, sport sandals, hat, suntan lotion and camera.


  • Rafting Tour and Guide
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation

  • Duration: 8 HOURS
    After riding by beautiful savannas you will arrive at Palo Verde National Park, one of the famous international bird-nesting sites. The park is composed of wetlands where 12 to 15 habitats have been identified. At this point you will be floating by Tempisque River, taking the opportunity to admire migratory and aquatic birds such as: roseate spoonbill, white ibis, greets egret, little blue heron, trickled heron, and bare-throated tiger heron, among others. Palo Verde is made up of diverse wetlands habitats and rivers and limestone hills that are home to nature’s most diverse forms of life.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, lunch and entrance fee to national park
    Bring: Light clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, suntan lotion, and camera


  • Birdwatching
  • Tempisque River
  • Palo Verde National Park
  • Crocodiles

  • Duration: 12 HOURS


    Carara National Park covers a low mountainous 15000 acre area containing an interesting mix of dry, tropical and rainy forests. It is the home of many mammals, as well as the rare Scarlet Macaw and vast number of species of plants and trees. You will appreciate the wonders of this intricate ecosystem.

    As you walk along footpaths beside Tarcoles River, you will observe several species of monkeys, birds, immense crocodiles, iguanas and frogs.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, and snack and entrance fee to national park.
    Bring: Light clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, suntan lotion, insect repellent and camera.


  • Carara National Park with Naturalist Guide
  • Lunch
  • Entrance Fees and Transportation Included

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    This national park is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country. It is a combination of a paradisiacal beach of crystalline waters with coral reefs, bordered by exuberant vegetation and the natural captivations of the tropical humid forest. Its beaches are counted among the best of the country, where the snorkelling and the surf are very popular.

    On the way to Manuel Antonio along the coastal line, you will enjoy nice views and cross plantations of African palm and picturesque villages along the Pacific coast until you reach the port of Quepos a few minutes after the National Park. Upon our arrival we will hike to the park, crossing a creek to access the park, since this park is closed to vehicles.

    Once at the park, it is possible to simply enjoy the beach, take a sun bath or a nature walk though the park’s trails, which will allow you to observe the abundant flora and fauna of the park. You will see especially several species of monkeys, iguanas, birds, and maybe, the three toe sloth. One of the trails borders Cathedral Point from which the sight of the park and the sea is spectacular. Includes: Transportation, guide, snack, lunch and entrance fee to national park.
    Bring: Light clothing, bathing suit, towel, comfortable shoes, hat, suntan lotion, insect repellent and camera.


  • Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    Come and visit a unique tourist destination in Costa Rica that is just two hours away from San José. Jungle Crocodile Safari offers a tour that is specially designed for adventurers and bird watchers, yet safe for the whole family.

    The adventure takes place on the Tárcoles River, one of four rivers flowing out into the Nicoya Peninsula, as well as home to one of the world’s largest crocodile populations in the wild with crocodiles up to fifteen feet long. In addition to the crocodiles, over fifty different kinds of birds can be seen on site, including the very rare scarlet macaw and a great variety of resident and migrant waterfowl. Iguanas and Jesus Christ lizards are very common as well. (Jesus Christ lizards are given their nickname because of their ability to run across the top of water when fleeing from predators.)

    The Jungle Crocodile Safari’s tour time is two hours. Our bilingual tourist guide offers expert orientation about the crocodiles and other associated wildlife. On the way downstream, the boat heads along the Guacalillo estuary, a most incredible mangrove ecosystem that features four different species of mangrove trees.

    Includes: Transportation, guide and boat ride
    Bring: Light clothing, sport sandals, hat, suntan lotion, and camera


  • Tarcoles River Crocodiles
  • Snack and Soft Drinks

  • Duration: 4 HOURS
    Travel back in time and transport yourself to the Costa Rica of the past with the unique presentations of Pueblo Antiguo, where the colorful architecture, costumes and traditions come together to show the origin of this small country and its friendly people. Includes: Transportation, guide, dinner and show Bring: Casual clothing, comfortable shoes, light jacket and camera


  • Historical Interactive Tour of Country
  • Dinner Buffet

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    This is an expedition through the dense jungle of one of the most beautiful and scenic regions of Costa Rica. Sail the exotic channels of Tortuguero National Park, famous for its solitary beaches where the nesting of gigantic green turtles takes place (Jul to Sept.) Tortuguero is one of the most important nesting sites of the Green Turtle in the Western Hemisphere. A navigable network of channels and lagoons that will allow you to be in direct contact with the great variety of flora and fauna cross the National Park of Tortuguero.

    We will leave early and travel through the Braulio Carrillo National Park where we will pass mountains covered by dense forests as well as numerous rivers and waterfalls until we arrive at the Caribbean of Costa Rica. Here, we will cross the banana plantations to board the boat to sail to Tortuguero National Park.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, breakfast, lunch and entrance fee to national park
    Bring: Light clothing, comfortable shoes, hat, suntan lotion and camera


  • Boat Tour in Tortuguero National Park
  • Lunch

  • Duration: 12 HOURS


    Board a yacht at Puntarenas and enjoy the Gulf of Nicoya and its beautiful group of islands, admiring the many sea birds while cruising to Tortuga Island. Tortuga Island is known for its immaculate white sand beach and turquoise waters, a perfect stop for swimming and snorkelling. You will remain on the island for approximately four hours, and in that time you can enjoy different activities such as the Canopy Tour, trails, kayaking, snorkelling, swimming, beach sports or simply relax and enjoy the beach while the crew prepares an exquisite lunch - buffet style.

    Includes: Transportation, guide, cruise, tropical fruits, refreshments, live music and lunch

    Bring: Light clothing, bathing suit, towel, suntan lotion, hat, and camera


  • Tropical Island Cruise
  • Tropical Fruit Buffet and Lunch

  • Duration: 10 HOURS
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