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Eco-Turismo Brazil

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Eco-Turismo Brazil

Pousada Rio Mutum Lodge

Pousada do Rio Mutum has been constructed according to international standards taking into account in particular the demands of modern eco-tourism and the interests of sport-fishing and is probably the upscale choice in the northern Pantanal.It is situated between the lakes Sia Mariana and Chacorore within one of the most beautiful regions of the Panatanal of Mato Grosso.




Ponta do Corumbau lies on the south coast of Bahia, between the cities of Porto Seguro and Prado, 40 km south of Porto Seguro traveling along the coast and 230 km traveling by road.

Campo Grande

The capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, Campo Grande is developing as a major gateway to the Pantanal

Golden Lion Tamarin Reserve

Golden LionGolden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project - Poço das Antas Biological Reserve Biome/Ecosystem: Atlantic Rainforest Gateway: Rio de Janeiro - 2h driving to reserve Length: Full day Activities: hiking, observe the golden lion tamarin Level: Easy Suggested Extension: Wolly Spider Monkey One of the best-known rainforest conservation efforts in Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Project (GLTCP), is a mere two-hour drive from the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Surrounded by fresh and salt water - from the Rivers Amazon and Tocantins and the Atlantic Oce is the island of Marajó, separated from Belém by the River Tocantins, and which is the largest river island in the world. It is the phenomenon result formed by gigantic waves where the waters of the River Amazon met the sea the island is also renowned for its pottery and famous for its herds of buffaloes, which are the largest in the country.
Many of the river beaches on the island of Marajó are characteristically long, Araruna extends for two kilometres, Pesqueiro thirteen and Caju Una, fifteen. One of the most popular for leisure purposes is the beach at Joanes, six hours by boat from Soure, one of the twelve communities on the island that also includes large estates for the rearing of buffalo, some of which offer tourist accommodation

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