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After breakfast, we’ll take motorway BR101 approximately 90km, arriving at The Chapel of the Martyrs of Cunhaú. The Martyrs were the only Brazilians to have been beatified by the Catholic Church. After a brief stop, we’ll enter the estuary of the river Cunhaú where we’ll see the prawn farms before reaching the beach of Cunhaú.

This ideal swimming spot offers river and sea, with natural pools and excellent local food. For the full experience, take an optional boat trip down the river Cunhaú to visit the mangroves where local fisherman catch fresh water crabs and visit enchanting little beaches.


  • Chapel of the Martyrs of Cunhaú
  • River Cunhaú Scenery & Prawn Farms
  • Natural Pools
  • Excellent Local Food
  • Optional Cunhaú River Boat Trip

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    This semi-wild beach, some 170km from Natal, is located on the Costa Branca (north coast). Galinhos is a town of 2,000 on a small peninsula where the only access is by boat so we’ll leave the bus parked at the quay to take a short boat tour to the island.

    Mangroves, sand dunes, salt flats and oil fields enchant the few tourists to discover this small fishing village where the only taxis you’ll find are carriages drawn by horse and the only cars zooming by are visiting 4x4’s. This is a day of pure relaxation, where everything happens in slow motion, here on your very own isolated corner of the Rio Grande do Norte Coast.


  • Boat Trip To Galinhos
  • Mangroves, Sand Dunes & Salt Flats
  • Horse Drawn Carriages
  • Isolated Beach & Relaxation

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    In Maracajaú, located 70km from Natal, you can experience all of the beauty of a beach still untouched by urbanization. Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, there’s amazing snorkeling and diving in the crystalline waters of Parrachos, a 15 square kilometer reef formation with an average depth of 3 meters (10 feet) extending out to sea as far as 7km from the beach.

    Throughout this great attraction, you’ll find floating platforms forming the infrastructure and worth visiting even if you don’t go enjoy this activity. You’ll have free time for lunch.


  • Brazil’s Crystalline Caribbean
  • Optional Snorkeling & Diving
  • Parrachos 3 Meter Deep Reef
  • Swim Up Floating Platforms

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    Head out at the beginning of the night to an open air night club where Brazilian rhythms heat up the night. Feel the beats, from Carimbo of the Amazon to the Samba of Rio de Janeiro, from the Frevo of Pernambuco to the Forró of the North East, and the Maculelê to the Capoeira of Bahia.

    The dances of the immigrants are represented as well, with a Repentista or Embolador de Coco (coconut), a typical character in Rio Grande do Norte’s popular songs.


  • Brazilian Open Air Night Club
  • Enjoy The Dances of Brazil

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    You’ll leave your hotel in the morning, heading down motorway BR101. We’ll travel 90 km to the town of Tibau do Sul. Here you’ll find one of the top attractions on the Brazilian coastline, Pipa Beach. This beach is known for its beauty as one of the top ten beaches in Brazil.

    The environment of Pipa is a dazzling combination of cliffs and preserved forest called Mata Atlântica, a different type of forest than the Amazon Rainforest that exists along some parts of the Brazilian coast.

    We’ll stop at Cacimbinhas Beach for swimming and walk through the village of Pipa to look at the quaint shops. The beaches of Amor (Love) and Baia dos Golfinhos (the Bay of Dolphins) can be reached by walking when the tide is right.


  • Top 10 Beach
  • Cliff/Forest Environmental Area
  • Cacimbinhas Beach Swimming
  • Pipa Village Walk & Shops
  • Love & Bay of Dolphins Beaches

  • Duration: 8 HOURS

    Tour Details


    Our trip takes us directly to the south of the state to the town of Brejinho, where we visit a factory producing farinha, a coarse “flour” made from maize (type of corn). We’ll continue to Parque Pedra da Boca to take a 40 minute walk to observe the indigenous paintings, the fauna and flora from this region.

    We’ll continue to the Bom Jardim Farm, a sugar plantation where we’ll have a beautiful lunch of traditional, regional food. After lunch, we’ll tour the farm, learning about the way of life for the old plantation owners called coronéis (colonels), including furniture and other historic pieces. There may also be optional horseback riding available.


  • Farinha Corn Flour Factory
  • 40 Minute Walk - Nature & Indigenous Paintings
  • Bom Jardim Farm Tour
  • Traditional Lunch
  • Optional Horseback Riding

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    Located on the south coast, close to the state border of Paraíba, we find the town of Baia Formosa. At 100km away from Maceio, this traditional fishing town is one of Brazil’s top surfing beaches. As its name suggests, this place is rich in charm and character.

    Near the town, you’ll find an area of preserved forest (Mata Atlântica) rich in flora and fauna as well as a lake of dark red water consequently called Coca Cola Lake. Visit various beaches in this area.

    You can also take an optional buggy ride to visit a preservation area for manatees/sea cows (peixe-boi). This breeding area is up the river Guaju.


  • Top Surfing Beach
  • Traditional Fishing Town
  • Coca Cola Lake
  • Optional Buggy Ride To Manatees

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    This all day buggy trip takes you to the beautiful beaches of Redinha, Santa Rita, Jenipabú, Barra do Rio, Gracandu, Pitangui and finally Jacumã. During our journey, we’ll climb the famous dunes of Jenipabú for the most exciting part of our trip, maneuvering our buggies across the dunes.

    We’ll also stop at the three large lagoons in Jenipabú and Pitangui e Jacumã, formed by the accumulation of water from rain over the dunes. There’ll be time to swim in locations with bars and other leisure infrastructure, including the sport Brazilians call “bum-skiing” which is a type of sand boarding down the dunes.


  • All Day Dune Buggy Ride
  • Multi-Beach Tour
  • Lagoons & Swimming
  • Bars & Other Leisure Activities
  • Bum-Skiing (Sand Boarding)

  • Duration: 8 HOURS


    Depart in the evening to be entertained by Capoeira. This coupling of dance and martial arts is one of the purest examples of pop-culture. Heading to the outskirts of Natal, we enter the world of Capoeira de roda in the community of Capoeira Boa Vontade, a group of capoeiristas (the dancers) and masters (the teachers). These talented individuals not only teach their children the art of Capoeira, but also contribute to their communities by providing a variety of education and health activities. You’ll enjoy a beautiful dinner of regional dishes to complete this cultural experience.


  • Capoeira Demonstration
  • Regional Cuisine Dinner

  • Duration: 4 HOURS


    Begin your tour in the morning from the hotels of Ponte Negra and visit the Via Costeira. Passing through the urban beach district, we’ll visit The Reis Magos Fort (The Three Kings Fort). Finalized in 1614, this fortress was built to protect against French colonial interests in the region. The star shaped military fortification has a perimeter of 250m with five canon positions, allowing defenders to fire from at least two positions at once if an enemy attacks from a single direction.

    Continuing onward, we cross the neighborhoods of Santos Reis, Rocas and Ribeira, areas where Natal began its growth, to the city centre and the cathedral of Natal.

    Next, we’ll visit an arts and crafts centre where you’ll have enough time to browse the handicrafts and pick up any items you like. Then we’ll travel upwards to enjoy the panoramic view from the Morro do Careca (the bald hill). This view stretches from the outskirts of Natal, all the way across to Pirangi beach, some 24km away. We’ll also get to see the largest Caju tree in the world and take a swim in the calm waters of this beach before returning.


  • The Reis Magos Fort
  • Natal Neighborhoods & Cathedral
  • Handicraft Markets
  • Morro do Careca Panoramic Viewpoint
  • World’s Largest Caju Tree & Swimming

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