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At just 90 km south of Recife, Carneiros is one of the locals’ favorite water sport beaches. These calm, shallow waters are ideal for swimming and diving. Its broad sand beaches make Carneiros perfect for playing and sunbathing. The dense coconut groves surrounding Carneiros make it a beautiful representative of Northeast Brazilian beaches.


  • Top Watersport Beach
  • Calm, Shallow Waters for Diving
  • Broad Sand Beaches
  • Dense Coconut Groves
  • Optional Catamaran Trip

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    Traditional earthenware sculptures, creations of rope and leather craft, are the natural beauties of Pernambuco’s Agreste Highlands. These crafts have been a part of local customs for many years.

    The regional market town of Caruaru, 130 km inland from Recife, has been recognized by UNESCO as the largest centre for figure sculpture in the Americas. The craft market is certainly an unforgettable highlight of the tour. These clay figures, a legacy of the great folk artist Mestre Vitalino, make unique souvenirs to take back from your trip.

    After Caruaru, we’ll visit Nova Jerusalém, the world’s largest open-air theatre, where Christ’s Passion is performed every year during Easter Week. Lunch will be served at Pousada da Paixão, a lodge inside the theatre (itinerary not available during Easter Week).


  • Traditional Earthenware Sculptures
  • Market Town of Caruaru
  • Nova Jerusalem
  • Lunch At Lodge Inside Theater

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    One of Brazil’s earliest colonial towns, Igarrassu is the location of the church Igreja de Santos Cosme e Damião. Built in 1535, it’s considered to be the oldest church in Brazil.

    An exotic coastal island with 84 square kilometres of nature, history and beauty, Itamaracá is a favorite water sport location. You’re free to indulge in a range of optional activities.

    There’s also Forte Orange, built by the Dutch in the 17th century and the Marine Manatee Centre, a research and conservation centre for one of the most precious endangered species found on the coast of Northeast Brazil.

    For your pleasure and enjoyment, your tour also includes a catamaran trip to Coroa do Avião, a paradisiacal sand bar and observation point for migratory birds.


  • First Church In Brazil
  • Beaches & Water Sports
  • Forte Orange
  • Marine Manatee Centre
  • Catamaran Trip to Sand Bar
  • View Migratory Birds

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    You’ll visit the lovely waterfalls of the town of Primavera, in the southern sugarcane planting region of Pernambuco. Enjoy a brief stop along the way at the market of Primavera each Saturday. You’ll take a Toyota Jeep, one of the most popular local passenger transport vehicles, on a trip following tracks through the beautiful sugarcane fields. We’ll stop to visit a traditional manioc mill and enjoy sugarcane juice before swimming in the waterfalls. A traditional lunch will be served nearby.


  • Jeep Ride
  • Sugar Cane Fields
  • Traditional Manioc Mill
  • Fresh Sugarcane Juice
  • Primavera Waterfalls
  • Traditional Lunch

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    This marvelous opportunity takes you to the charming capital of Paraíba State. João Pessoa is 115 km north of Recife.

    Don’t miss this panoramic tour visiting the city centre of João Pessoa, Solon de Lucena Park with its famous lake, the beaches of Tambaú, Cabo Branco and Ponta do Seixas, the easternmost point in the Americas.


  • Joao Pessoa City Tour
  • Solon de Lucena Park
  • Several Beautiful Beaches
  • Easternmost Point In Americas

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    This beach is one of Alagoas State’s true gems, one of Northeast Brazil’s most beautiful. Spend your day relaxing on the beach and swimming in the ocean.
    You can even enjoy a boat trip to explore the Galés - a complex of coral reefs and sandbanks 6 km offshore, where you can swim and appreciate the sea life. There are also beach buggy trips available in this region of unspoiled white sandy beaches, the beauty of these gentle, crystal-clear waters and the shade of tall coconut trees.


  • Day At The Beach
  • Boat Trip to Galés Reefs & Sandbank
  • Beach Buggy Trips
  • Crystal Clear Waters

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    Imagine crystal-clear waters of scintillating blue with colored fish among other beautiful marine species and vast coconut groves patterning the beach of Porto de Galinhas, a striking idyllic symbol of natural beauty with the peacefulness of a genuine fishing village.

    What was once the 19th century underground slave trade port of Porto de Galinhas has become one of today’s most appealing Brazilian beach resorts.

    You can take optional Jangada (traditional fishing raft) tours through the reef pools if the tide is right and buggy trips to the beaches of Pontal de Maracaípe and Muro Alto.


  • Idyllic Beach & Fishing Village
  • Resort Amenities Nearby
  • Jangada Boat Tours Across Reefs
  • Beach Buggy Trips

  • Duration: 10 HOURS


    The tour begins with a panorama of Recife, including the three sectors making up the city centre: Recife, Santo Antônio and Boa Vista. You’ll see the bridge of Maurício de Nassau, Praça da República (flanked by the Governor’s Palace, Santa Isabel Theatre and the Law Courts) and the Casa da Cultura, a fine building dating back to the 19th century. Originally a prison, today this building is a centre for regional culture, with craft stores and local delicacies for you to indulge in.

    In Olinda, we’ll visit Alto da Sé, with the churches of Sé and Misericórdia, where you’ll have a breathtaking view of the twin cities. In Carnival, joyful revelers will parade down the streets, following after traditional giant puppets like the Homem da Meia-noite (“Midnight Man”) or they’ll join in with the town’s colorful carnival troupes such as Pitombeira dos Quatro Cantos and Elefante. Olinda has been declared a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Monument by UNESCO.


  • Highlights of Recife & Olinda
  • Casa da Cultura & Craft Stores
  • Churches of Sé and Misericórdia
  • Streets of Carnival
  • UNESCO World Natural and Cultural Heritage Sights

  • Duration: 5 HOURS


    Visit two of the most beautiful secluded beaches you’ll find along the southern coast of Pernambuco. Renowned for their beauty and warm, crystal-clear waters, these beaches were once a refuge sought by adventure travelers seeking peace and quiet in the little fishing villages.

    Following a buggy ride to the beaches of Gaibu and Calhetas, you’ll embark on a catamaran trip along the coast, past the beaches of Paraíso and Francês and into the mangroves.


  • Peaceful Small Fishing Villages
  • Secluded Beaches & Crystal Clear Waters
  • Beach Buggy Ride
  • Catamaran Trip To Beaches & Mangroves

  • Duration: 10 HOURS

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